Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI), a leading consulting firm that helps companies win government contracts, has unveiled its new branding and corporate identity.  Our company recently updated its logo design by shortening  AOC Key Solutions, Inc. to Key Solutions, Inc. Our team and clients have been using the shortened version of Key Solutions or KSI for years, and as we grow, we want new branding that reflects our positive changes and streamlined approach. In 2020, KSI CEO Greg McCarthy’s commitment to investing in talent acquisition and growing our full-service offerings resulted in remarkable growth for the company.

We are delighted to share that in the last year our firm has:

  • Added 36 new government contractors to KSI’s list of clientele while increasing our capture and proposal work with renewed clients by over 100%.
  • Expanded our business development and capture services to better align with our customer’s needs, focusing heavily on innovative, data-driven approaches and a measurable ROI for our clients.
  • Implemented a Director of Professional Services role, a Quality & Performance Center of Excellence, and additional Account Leads to better serve our clients, increasing KSI’s account renewal rate by 22%.
  • Increased our customer segments with 25% of our work now focused on the Intel Community and State and Local governments. We also increased our international footprint by supporting bids in the UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Israel.

About the New Logo Design:

The updated logo was created by the design firm, Sagetopia. KSI asked Sagetopia to design a logo that ties together a modern and fresh look with a trustworthy foundation. The mark’s column-like letterforms are grounded and stable. It draws a parallel to Key Solutions’ dedication to maintaining honest and ethical practices. The bold wordmark stands confidently, just as KSI guides our clients to win contracts using agile methods and unique tools. The letters’ connection represents the cohesive support clients receive from our team, while the letter “s” opening is a nod to KSI’s ability to “unlock the solution” through our KSI Advantage™ approach. Overall, this logo feels reinvigorated with its modern, bright color and clean silhouette while remaining trustworthy and true to our company’s origins.

“For years, our team referred to ourselves internally as Key Solutions or KSI. 2020 was a year of upheaval but also of many exciting things going on in our company. It’s time that our brand matched the modern, innovative spirit of what our team has been doing internally, while still holding the promise of what our company was founded on.”- Greg McCarthy, CEO

Company History:

Founded as American Operations Corporation in 1983 by Jim McCarthy, it later became AOC Key Solutions, Inc. in 2007 when the firm decided to specialize in bid and proposal development services. The company is informally known by its shortened name, Key Solutions, Inc. or KSI. Nearly four decades after its founding, the KSI Advantage™– a set of agile methods, comprehensive capture, proposal processes, and unique tools – has helped clients win more than $185 billion in government contracts. Our mission is simple, to be our client’s best choice by delivering unsurpassed service and extraordinary value with a team of people who love to win.

About Key Solutions:

Key Solutions, Inc. (KSI) is a full-service consulting firm based in Chantilly, Virginia, that helps companies win government contracts. KSI touts 400 clients and $185 billion in contract wins in its 37-year history. For more information, please visit 

Communications Contact:
Valeria Quinonez, Communications Director