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We help clients assess and enter the government market. Before you bid on a contract, let us provide you with valuable market intelligence.

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Government Market Sizing
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Competitor Analysis
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Entry to Market Analysis
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Entity Creation

Service I: Government Market Sizing

When entering the public sector, it is crucial to understand the size of the market for your organization’s capabilities and any barriers to entry.

We provide a complete analysis of the federal, state, and local markets to better equip you to make the right business decisions. We identify your ideal customer agencies and how their spending trends fit your capabilities.

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Service II: Competitor Analysis 

It is important to understand what your competition looks like, your closest peers, and the organizations that currently occupy programs that your team can support.

Our research provides a laser-focused view into the competitive landscape, arming you with actionable intelligence to support your business strategy.

Service III: Entry to Market Analysis

Entering the federal market can feel like a maze with many barriers to entry.

Whether you are a foreign-based organization or a commercial organization looking to break into the U.S. government market, we can provide you the tactical steps to support your strategic goals, including 30-day, 1-year, and 5-year market strategy plans.​

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Service IV: Entity Creation

Standing up a government contracting business has federal regulatory requirements.

We help you better understand the complex web of acquisition rules and practices that surround your market sector. We help you take the required steps and understand how reporting structures are developed. We then help you define the actions needed to setup a government contracting business or unit.

“KSI put together an impressive analysis to help us make a difficult decision.

The analysis helped us make the right decision and directly impacted our PWIN.”​

– Chief Executive Officer, Zentek

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