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Are your business development results falling short of expectations? We help you establish an actionable roadmap to meet your business objectives.

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Business Development Function Creation
Proposal Process Assessment
Business Development Process Assessment
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Business Development Training
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Contract Vehicle Support
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Opportunity Identification

Business Development Function Creation and Process Development

Understanding where to begin in terms of setting up your public sector business development team is challenging.

Who should you trust to represent you in the marketplace? How should you measure their performance against your organization’s long-term goals? How can you be sure you are investing in the right personnel and the right processes?

We help you understand critical roles and responsibilities, as well as establish metrics to track your performance as you set up your Public Sector Business Development team.

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Business Development Assessment and Process Improvement

Are your business development results falling short of expectations? These shortfalls can be remedied by assessing personnel, processes, technologies, and metrics to realign this critical business.

We’ll help you benchmark your current process, reevaluate your current performance metrics, and create strong role profiles with personnel expectations. We’ll then help you establish an actionable roadmap to meeting your business objectives.

Business Development Training

Business Development personnel are often moved from one function to another without formal training or understanding of how to tackle their new role.

We will train your Business Development team to work as one operating unit and to stop relying solely on their personal networks to sell. Your sales team will gain crucial strategic and analytic skills to make a bigger impact in the marketplace.

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Contract Vehicle Support

A critical step in government contracting is identifying how the government will procure your services. The government has created contract vehicles to better vet potential contractors based on their needs.

We will help identify relevant contract vehicles for your firm to target and then help you develop the proposals to successfully secure those vehicles.

Opportunity Identification

With an overwhelming amount of data free and available to the public, it can be challenging to identify the opportunities that are the best fit for your company’s strategy and your capabilities.

Using data to back the decision making process, we help you analyze the marketplace and identify the opportunities best fit to your firm’s capabilities and strategic plan.

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