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We help prepare your project team for Orals using our KSI Advantage™ process and strategy.

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Oral Proposal Function Creation
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Orals Coaching

Oral Proposal Function Creation and Process Development

With oral presentations becoming a more common requirement in federal contracting, it is important for companies to have a plan for developing winning presentations.

Having a process in place removes uncertainty and increases preparedness across the capture and proposal teams. KSI can help your organization establish a winning orals development strategy and approach.

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Orals Coaching

During orals, the evaluation and selection panel want to interview and observe the project team responsible for performing the work. 

Our orals coaches will prepare your team to deliver a winning presentation by:

  • Identifying discriminators and win themes that resonate with the customer
  • Integrating customer-centered language, themes, and hot buttons into the presentation
  • Ensuring compliance with RFP requirements
  • Establishing a schedule, in collaboration with the proposal manager, for orals development
  • Assisting with presentation development, including graphics to illustrate the presentation
  • Conducting seminars on orals presentation techniques
  • Providing input on selecting speakers
  • Coaching individual team members to increase confidence and develop team credibility
  • Managing the timing of orals presentations to ensure the team meets RFP imposed limitations
  • Conducting mock Q&A sessions with customer simulations to evaluate the team’s ability to meet customer expectations

“Thank you for your herculean efforts with the team. I know they came out of orals feeling on top of the world.”

– Senior Vice President, Parsons Corporation

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