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We work with you to develop a capture strategy and process that will increase your firm’s win rate.

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Capture Function Creation
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Third Party Assessment
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Capture Assessment
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Strategic Pricing
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Capture Training
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Teaming and Subcontracting
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Capture Turnkey Support
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Capture+Bid Score™

Capture Function Creation and Process Development

Setting up a strong capture function will enable your company to confidently invest and manage resources throughout the fiscal year.

We help your organization create a custom capture process using our KSI Advantage best practices and blending them to meet your needs. The end result is a process that is scalable and transferrable across your public sector team.

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Capture Assessment and Process Improvement

Avoid investing resources in opportunities that are not a strategic fit for your organization or that you have a low probability of winning.

To improve your win rate, we work with you to ensure that bid/no-bid decisions are backed by data. We’ll assess your current capture process, give you actionable steps to close gaps and provide a roadmap for strengthening your organization’s capture approach. 

Capture Training

You may have new hires or recent transfers to your team who lack formal training or understanding of how to tackle their new role.

We can train your capture team through all phases of capture planning, including how to work as a cohesive unit, how to adhere to a capture process, how to forecast resources, and how to better engage the organization across solution development.

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Turnkey Capture Support

Many growing organizations are hesitant to invest in long-term resources and are wary of ramp-up time for their capture team.

We can step in and be your organization’s capture team as you formalize and standardize processes across the function. We’ll help you to:

  • Create and target a list of key prospects
  • Monitor and track opportunities
  • Identify and evaluate new opportunities
  • Decide whether or not to bid on opportunities
  • Draft a capture plan that will help guide and shape the written response to an RFP

Third-Party Assessment for Incumbents

It is critical to understand your customer’s perceptions of you when preparing for a re-compete bid. 

Third-Party Assessments (TPA) are independent assessments done by KSI that gather meaningful and qualitative information regarding the level of customer satisfaction with an incumbent contractor’s performance.

TPAs provide you with insights and actionable data your client may not usually share with you. As a result, ninety percent of our TPA customers go on to win their re-competes.

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Strategic Pricing

Whether it is pricing your services or understanding how the competition will price an opportunity, it is important to set a strategy to ensure a cost effective solution for the government.

We can provide full life cycle pricing to get a complete 360 degree view of how you should price and how that will match up against the competition.

Teaming/Subcontracting Support

The ability to identify partners that will enhance your offering can be a deciding factor when bidding an opportunity.

Whether you are looking for a prime or a subcontracting partner, through our network and opportunity analysis, we can help identify optimal teaming partners

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Capture + Bid Score™

Calculate how you might perform on a bid before you invest resources. 

Our Capture + Bid Score™ service helps you focus on bids that drive revenue and profitability.

“KSI continues to provide us with outstanding support.​ A valuable addition to our capture efforts.”​

– Vice President of Advanced Programs, Lockheed Martin

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