AOC Key Solutions, Inc (KSI) is proud to announce that 100% of our proposal staff and executive management are APMP certified at the Foundation level.

The APMP Foundation level certification demonstrates that proposal professionals have a solid understanding of bid and proposal best practices. It also provides an independent validation of our knowledge and a hiring baseline.

“Clients can be confident we are applying industry best practices that support proposal compliance, responsiveness, and increase win probability. I’m proud of this accomplishment and very pleased about the added value it brings to our clients.”

– Greg McCarthy, CEO, AOC Key Solutions

According to an industry benchmarking study, conducted by the BD-Institute and APMP, organizations that employ “appropriately competent professionals” in proposal management roles tend to win significantly more business than those who do not.

“We have achieved 100% APMP Foundation certification but we’re not stopping there. Gone are the days in our industry when being an expert in one thing is good enough. Today, our clients look for us to have diverse skill sets and knowledge that include things like critical thinking, creativity, and an understanding of the business they’re in. We’ve responded to this by launching a professional development program for our staff that provides a variety of training and certification opportunities.”

– Jean Watterson, SVP, AOC Key Solutions

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