Proposal Support and Rescue Training

Is high turnover hurting your proposal team? KSI can help!

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KSI’s Proposal Support and Rescue Training helps proposal teams that are facing the pain of turnover and the time-consuming process of training new employees. Our Rescue Squad provides experienced and trained proposal professionals to address the missing roles on your team, so your company doesn’t miss a beat pursuing bids.


While we are engaged with your team, we also learn your proposal processes so that we can help you train and ramp up new staff.


Get Experienced Proposal Professionals Fast

Bid on opportunities in your pipeline when you’re shorthanded. We cover your gaps while you look for qualified permanent staff.

Reduce Your Team's Workload

Your proposal staff won’t be burdened by helping train new employees while continuing to work on multiple proposals. We help your team balance the workload.

Onboard New Employees Quickly

Your new employees can begin supporting proposals faster and sharing the current workload.

Hire More Team Members

With our onboarding support, you’ll be able to hire and ramp up more team members faster.

Improved Consistency = Higher Win Rate

Consistent proposal operations allow teams to produce a steady output of high-quality proposals.

Rinse and Repeat for Continued Success

Because KSI learns your process, we can provide proposal consultants until you’ve hired full-time employees. We can also help train your new proposal staff beyond the initial engagement as a part of continued professional development.

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How It Works


Step 1: KSI Provides Proposal Relief

The KSI Rescue Squad fills gaps on your proposal team AND learns your proposal process to fit into your process seamlessly.


Step 2: KSI Trains New Employees

KSI provides proposal training and onboarding to new employees to help them ramp up faster. The training KSI develops is built on your processes and goals as well as industry and KSI Advantage™ best practices.


Step 3: KSI Trains Your Existing Employees

KSI trains your current employees (if needed) for consistency and continuity across teams, groups, and/or business units.


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The KSI Proposal Lead took ownership of the deliverables and RFQ Requirements. She effectively ran the entire proposal development, with oversight and comments from me – which is exactly the kind of support I needed.

Proposal Manager

Public Infrastructure and Utilities Management Firm

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The training instructor did a great job. She always made sure we had time for questions and allowed us to pick topics to spend more time on.  She made the topics understandable to someone who had only a little experience.”

Junior Proposal Writer

VOSB Engineering Firm



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When Can the Rescue Squad Start?

The team can begin supporting you as soon as you need them and for as long as you need them. If you anticipate a spike in proposals, we can ramp up the appropriate number of proposal professionals to address surge and balance the workload.

What is the Expertise Level of the KSI Team?

The KSI Proposal Support and Training Team are proposal professionals with direct proposal development experience and expertise. KSI has helped clients win over $200 billion in government contracts.

The KSI team is also 100% APMP certified and trained in our KSI Advantage™ Approach – a set of capture and proposal best practices, agile methods, and helpful tools.

What Kinds of Roles Does KSI Fill?

Our proposal professionals can fill the roles you need on your team – Proposal Managers, Writers, Editors, Coordinators, Desktop Publishers, Graphic Designers, Capture Managers, Compliance Managers, etc.

What if We Need Someone with a Particular Agency Background or Understanding?

Based on the information you share with us, plus the level of effort we scope from solicitation documents, we provide you with a team or person to address your needs. KSI’s proposal professionals have experience winning work with hundreds of government agencies and departments and are able to write to any agency requirement.

How Much Does this Type of Support Cost?

KSI scopes the level of effort for each period of engagement or one proposal. Based on the solicitation documents and discussions with your team, we can scale support to the size of your engagement and/or budget. Our team also shares reports with you throughout the effort, so you can see how the team is tracking.

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