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Compliance Review Support

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Color Review Support

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Editing Support

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Production and Desktop Publishing

Compliance Review

Getting a proposal thrown out for non-compliance takes a toll on your team’s morale, and can be a devastating financial loss.

We review your proposal to ensure it meets all RFP requirements, putting an end to non-compliance.


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With more than 8 years of experience, Emily has participated in color team reviews to check for compliance, overall messaging strategy, and whether the document has a coherent and compelling message. She also has experience as a 3rd Party Subcontract Auditor, reviewing subcontractor un-sanitized sealed bids to evaluate compliance in pricing narratives for both original submission and Evaluation Notice (EN) responses.

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With 8 years of experience working in the proposal industry, Tiara has managed compliance for Government IDIQs and GWACs contract vehicles and ensured proposal response compliance with the solicitation requirements.

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Jack is a proposal development consultant with direct compliance management experience that includes compliance matrix development and compliance reviews throughout the proposal development process.

Color Review

Reviewers provide recommendations to help improve the proposal and highlight your winning components.

We review your proposal against the RFP requirements to determine how easy it is to follow and evaluate, as well as assess how well the win themes and messaging come through in your response.


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Ashley has more than 12 years of proposal development experience including working across both cleared and uncleared markets. She is APMP Practioner Certified.

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Nora has more than 25 years of industry experience, including proposal writing/editing, vendor management, and contract compliance. Her strengths include theme development, constructing detailed compliance matrices, managing to requirements, and editing various functional documents for grammar, readability, and compliance.

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Debi has more than 11 years of experience writing and managing proposals. She is an expert in the full proposal development process with strong compliance expertise, an eye for consistency, and excellent attention to detail.


Submit your proposal with confidence.

We edit your proposal to ensure it is free of grammatical errors, has a consistent style, and reads in one-voice.


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Caroline is a proposal professional with writing, editing, and compliance management experience. As an Editor, she focuses on grammar, readability, one voice, and ensures the consistent use of conventions throughout a proposal.

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Colleen has 10 years of proposal development experience for Federal agencies, such as DoD, DOE, DOJ, Department of State, and DHS, and State and local government customers. She has experience editing proposal content for grammar, consistency, readability, and ensuring content is concise and easy to evaluate. 

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Harry brings 23 years of proposal development experience. His strengths include interviewing subject matter experts, developing compliant outlines, reviewing sections and integrating proofs to support assertions, and aligning content to evaluation factors.

Production and Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Is the formatting of your document compliant? Do you have the ability to produce the volumes required to submit?

We offer a full-service production space to perform large-scale printing and binding, custom tabs, final QC/book checks, electronic media creation, and proposal packaging. Our DTP consultants know how to meet RFP requirements, helping you to avoid costly mistakes.


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Ashlie is the Production Manager at Key Solutions. She is APMP Foundation Certified and has more than 10 years of experience producing compliant, winning proposals.

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Jeannette is a Graphic Designer, Production, and Desktop Publishing consultant at Key Solutions. She is APMP Foundation Certified and excels at creating and designing compliant, impactful proposal graphics and templates.

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Melanie is a Proposal Development and Desktop Publishing consultant. As a Desktop Publisher, she ensures that proposal documents meet all compliance requirements and your company branding standards.

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